Quest for Fanghorn Castle Story Elements

Quest for Fanghorn Castle lets players explore a rich game world with lush and interconnected story elements. I thought you'd like to get a peek behind the curtain at some of the logic of the elements, in cases where it's not abundantly clear in the game setting. If you have any questions or comments about the game world don't hesitate to reach out! As you can imagine, I love talking about this board game experience.

- Carl Huber, designer, artist, creator,

Player Vampire Lore

Each (real world) player takes on the guise of a vampire archetype in the game. Each archetype corresponds to a region and thus a victim type. A vampire also has special abilities - these are logical mechanics within the game based on vampire lore for the archetype. Read below for some examples!


The Nosferatu, the classic "classy-yet-monstrous" movie vampire! Oft seen skulking around libraries and crypts. When this vamp feasts on certain Victim types, it gains additional wisdom. It is, after all, a seeker of lore to understand itself and its powers, and its path to the throne of Fanghorn Castle!

The Nosferatu is found at home in the University.


The bestial monstrosity that is the Man-Bat, the winged snub-nosed saucer-eared bare-fanged creature? Well of course with its flighty nature and powerful wings it can simply fly from Region to Region without going through the hassle of bribes or deals or attracting undue attention. 

The Man-Bat hails from the Badlands.

The Child Vampire is just plain creepy. It is perhaps one of the most mystically powerful of the vampire types; its youth connecting it to the mysterious supernatural forces. If a thread the Child Vampire has attached to a Thrall is severed, even then the Child Vampire may reap benefits.

The Child Vampire is often found around the Churchyard.
The Succubus thrives on using and discarding humans, one after another, feeding her insatiable third. To her a life means nothing but a meal - though she is not crude. No. Waste not want not; she'll have only the finest if at all possible. When discarding a Thrall she's merely a flea leaping from one host to the next, to see if the blood is sweeter.

The Succubus makes her home in the Heights.

The flash of claws and the tearing rend of fangs in the night - the Chupacabra feasts with a savagery and bestial nature that puts to lie the appearance of the Man-Bat. Here is true animal ferocity. Thriving in the "lesser" lands, the back woods, the struggling farm yards, the ravages of war - the Chupacabra extracts the most from its victims from there.

A Chupacabra has been sighted terrorizing the Farmlands.


The Impaler is also famous (infamous) for his ferocity - but it is more of a directed, regal brutality, is it not? Hence the Impaler is most effective at damaging his foes directly, imbuing his Thralls with supernatural cunning and fierceness to carry out the Impaler's will. There will be no quarter.

Only the Keep would do for the Impaler.

Regions and Victims

Regions are the organized types of landscape or "spaces" on the game board. Each Region has its own theme, and each theme carries over to the victim types that are "from" that Region. Learn more about the connection between the Victims - the human "resource" mines for the game - and their home Regions. Note that this connection has no effect on gameplay. It's just neat.


The University is the gathering place of the great minds of the countryside - the learned and knowledgeable folk. So the Scholars are tied to the Region. They tend to have a lot of Wisdom worth or Income.

The Nosferatu finds rest here, among the educated elite as it views itself; centuries of evil among centuries of knowledge.


The Badlands are dangerous territory not to be trod alone. By the humans, anyway - you go where you will it. There be all manner of Bandit - thugs and cutpurses, poisoners and assassins. They are a blood heavy Victim, and ripe for the plucking.

The Man-Bat hails from the Badlands. Where monsters in the form of Men tread and deal in blood, so does the Man-Bat.


The churchyard is a challenging hunting ground for a Vampire - they must tread lightly on sacred ground. But the pious and those who profess it are often plump Victims for the taking. Gain Wisdom but also a bit of Blood and Coin from them - or make them powerful Thralls.

Creepily enough, the Child Vampire can be found sometimes, hiding behind the gravestones in the churchyard, or sitting silently just outside the door. Do not invite it in.


Money makes the world go round, so much so when a gold coin might purchase some measure of safety against the dark of the night - false though the reassurance might be. The Gentry and their ilk make their homes here, plump and lackadaisical - easy pickings when purses are slim.

Only the Succubus could ingratiate herself in the high society's glitz and glamour while simultaneously draining their throats behind their backs. Literally.


The humble Farmland, worked by the common hand - these simple folk are the real flesh and blood - pun intended - of the country. Their region is the salt of the earth and the harvest is ready for the culling.

Where else would you find the notorious goat-sucking Chupacabra but where there are goats? This bloodthirsty monster (aren't we all) haunts the Farmland stalking all manner of prey.


Any country in this dark time must have a standing army. The Soldiers make their home here, such as it is. They deal in blood and coin. Yes sir, what should I kill today sir. Find their kind a powerful aid in combat, and powerful Thralls for your bidding.

When it comes to war, you can't talk about its true depravity without fearful mention of The Impaler. Whispering in ears which strategies might cause the most casualties. Possessing an executioner for a particularly brutal swing. Or just surveying the glorious field of bloody battle.

Resources Diagram

Another way to view the organization of the resources and environments. Each resource pertains to two relevant Regions. Each Region has a corresponding Sanctuary, Victim, and Vampire.