Cannabis Graphic Design

Marijuana graphic design is a growing industry (pun intended). Cannabis products are exploding across the country with new legislation decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana for recreational use - in addition to medical use!  It's a great time to stand in an emerging market and make your name heard. Legalization of marijuana and cannabis growing and consumption in New York state is revolutionary! And we want to be a part of that growth!

How do you do that? With great marketing, advertising, design, packaging and more. And you reach out to influencers - who have to love your product!

Cannabis Packaging

It all comes back to brand perception. What kind of Cannabis design do you need? Medicinal and treating issues? That's one kind of graphic design style. Are you going for an exciting lifestyle of fun and chilling? A totally different design strategy. There are many avenues to go down. Carl Huber graphic design has experience with several cannabis clients and has the expertise to help guide you to reach your target demographic.

Marijuana packaging can be as complex or as clean as you want it. I'd love to have a great discussion with you about your product line(s) and how I can help bring you to market in a way that stands out from the competition, while fitting in the appropriate marketplace.


Reach out any time to discuss your project - from marijuana branding and weed logos to cannabis packaging and cannabis labeling - we have experience and expertise over 20 years of developing great brands that get results.