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Archive for February 2012


Exercise - It's in the Cards

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I'm going to take a deck of cards and write miscellaneous small workout tasks on them. Like "20 pushups" and "Jump-rope to a count of 50" and "4 minutes working the heavy bag" - that sort of thing.

I'm going to do it. Really.

I'll include things like "5 minutes of meditation" and "breathe while laying flat on ground". It'll be cool.


History vs. His Story

Yes, it's a terrible post title. I know. Sorry.

I was thinking this morning about the historicity of the Bible, and how the awareness of that affects our worship, our personal faith, and our testimony.

I was taking the unfortunately rare time this morning to meditate and pray. Not rare in that I don't have free time, but rare that I take productive advantage of it like this. It is a sunny, snowy morning in an otherwise mild winter. I shoveled the driveway and came inside, had to wait for the dog to clam down, and meditated, cross-legged, on the sofa in the great room.

Trying to remember something that I can't remember right now (of course), the thought struck me that regardless of how literally you interpret the Bible it is literally one of the most thoroughly researched and historically real set of documents in existence. I like saying "set of documents" instead of "document" or "book" because it is a collection of books. That's one of my points. Which also is not to say that because documents are thoroughly researched they are proven true - just that there is a provenance of research tracing the documents (and separately the veracity of their contents) back in time.

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Avoiding the Ruts

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Suppose efficiency is the reduction of confusion by developing organization and regularity.

Suppose that confusing the brain (by, say, parking in a new spot every day, or taking different routes to work) increases mental elasticity and adaptability.

So it seems, therefore, that to develop efficiencies is to simultaneously begin to train the brain to be less adaptable. Another case of specialization leading to death. However, we are also driven to be more efficient because - of course - efficiency is good; waste is bad.

Therefore, we must become efficient in day-to-day things, but in a way that avoids us becoming too accustomed to them. I suppose I have a couple routes to work that are all roughly the same time to drive. I should vary that. I have several parking options between which I should switch.

And finally, I don't think my haircut is really hiding my thinning hair effectively.